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Alfred Alinazar


Phone: +965 66576863

Summary of Qualifications

· Strong knowledge in networking, routing and switching technology. Obtained CCNA, CCNP and CCIE R&S written.

· Experience in supporting UNIX/Linux and applications

· Extensive hands on in numerous programming and scripting language such as: C, Perl, Expect  and TCL

· Excellent in Windows Servers, Workstations and Active Directory technology. Obtained MCSA, member of Transocean’s worldwide Technical Steering Committee of Active Directory Migration

· Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering Department.

Technical Skills

Networking : TCP/IP, EIGRP, BGP4, H.323, VoIP, GRE, Frame Relay, Wireless, IPS/IDS, OSPF, ISIS, RIP

Programming : C, C++, Pascal, Visual Basic, Perl, Expect and TCL

OS : UNIX, Linux, FreeBSD, Windows 2003/2000/XP/9x

Firewall App : Sidewinder, Cyber Guard TSP, Iron Mail, Web Washer, PaloAlto Networks

Proxy Server : Bluecoat, Squid

Network App : DNS, DHCP, FTP, HTTP, SSH, Radius, MySQL

Mail Server : Sendmail, Ms Exchange, Exim

Work Experience

June 2008-Now, Network Security Engineer, Kuwaiti Canadian Consulting Group, Kuwait

Responsible to evaluate, test, configure, propose and implement network, firewall and security solution with appliances such as Sidewinder, Cyber Guard, Iron Mail, Web Washer and Palo Alto Networks application firewall including:

· Successful and smooth migration of Cyber Guard TSP into Sidewinder firewall with almost zero downtime

· Successful migration of Sidewinder G2 with peer-to-peer HA into Sidewinder 7 on  a big payment gateway company in Kuwait

· Creation of Perl script to automate configurations and test the QA of Firewall and network device configurations

· To test and evaluate features and performance of firewall, IPS, Application proxy appliances in simulated or isolated environment prior to deployment in production environment

.      Participate in testing PAN-OS beta version

Nov 2007Apr 2008, Manager of Technology, Indonesia Mesh Network, Indonesia

Responsible for designing, evaluating, and implementing network infrastructure a new startup ISP (Internet Service Provider), including:

· Development of the NOC (Network Operation Centre)

· Establishment of the Internet Backbone to the NAP

· Testing of equipment and proposed configuration, evaluation of the network performance and decision of technology selection

2005-2007, IT Coordinator, Transocean Offshore Drilling, Indonesia

Responsible for supervising an IT department and managing all third party resources to support Indonesia operations, including:

· Successful integration of Avaya IP PBX and Cisco VOIP gateway to provide VoIP solution

· Supporting several network applications such as FTP, HTTP, SSH, Radius, Tacac

· Perl scripting to automate several administration tasks

· Supporting  Empac Application hosted on Unix servers

· Administering BlueCoat integrated with Cisco for secured proxy solution

· Member of Technical Steering Committee of Active Directory Migration for Transocean’s worldwide scope.

2000-2005, IT Engineer, Transocean Offshore Drilling, Asia Australia Region

Responsible for developing and maintaining an IT department to support company’s offices and offshore locations within Asia Australia Region, including:

· Configuration, administration and troubleshooting of LAN and WAN running EIGRP, BGP, dialup, frame relay

· Deployment of BlueCoat as proxy and firewall solution to provide secure and optimum access of web service.

· Expert skill of virus cleaning by using Corporate Antivirus software (Trend Office Scan and ScanMail) for known viruses and also manually editing the registry and delete the viruses to remove the unknown viruses.

· Implementation of Linux with iptables as small firewall to provide limited connection access for third party company on the rigs

· Administration and maintenance of Windows 2003/2000/NT servers as DHCP server, DNS server, WINS server, IIS, File/Print server.

· Deployment and supporting Empac Application hosted Windows with Terminal Server with Unix server with Oracle as backend database server

1999-2000, Programmer, Schlumberger Sedco Forex, Indonesia

Responsible for developing databases with Ms Access 2000 and migrate and compile the data from the previous application built from a single user FoxPro under DOS database, Ms Excel and Ms Access 1998 into multi- user Ms Access database. The applications were helping users to work more efficiently and solved the data integrity problems

1993-1999, Network Administrator on Informatics Laboratory (part time), Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia

Responsible for deployment, maintenance and supporting LAN running Linux routers and some desktops with several applications including DNS, HTTP, FTP, samba and Squid. Some programming jobs were also involved such as:

· Writing codes in C to find and score document similarities. The result was used to find out plagiarism on the student reports.

· Creating a program in C to find out the longest unread e-mail by reading the e-mail spool on Sendmail

1990-1997: Freelance Programmer (part time)

I had involved on several part time jobs during 1990-1997, most of them are programming jobs, such as:

· Programmer in a research of Development of Fast Fourier Transform Processor, sponsored by National Research Board, 1995-1996

· Programmer in a research of The Integration of Radar systems, sponsored by National Research Board, 1994-1996

· Programmer on application for Computerized Vehicle System, a project for DLLAJR, 1993-1995, involved Pascal programming and Data Communication with RS232 Multi I/O.

· Programmer on serum software to delete and/or clean some Indonesian boot sector and executable file viruses, 1991-1994

· Teaching C and Assembler language at Akademi Telekomunikasi Yogyakarta

Professional Development

· On preparation to take CCIE lab.

· Passed 2 exams on CCVP track

· Participate on Wireshark Developer community. Contributed a patch to recognize and represent Avaya PBX Display Numbers h.323 packet.

· Learning by coding on Quagga Routing software (zebra)


· Bachelor Degree, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering Dept, Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia, 1992-1999


· Pengantar Cisco Router (Introduction to Cisco Router),,  October 2003