New Beginning

Lately, I had to write some professional comment in English about something that I don’t want to tell you about. I came to realize that my ability to write was drastically degraded. The reasons behind that is so clear. I haven’t practice my writing in English for quite a while. Despite I’m still using English on daily conversation, it’s not a warranty that my writing ability is at the same level.

“If you don’t use it, you will lose it”, says some old man in the past. I think my ability to write in English is impacted now. I’m doing too much computer programming lately. Somehow it switched my brain to think differently.

This blog, as you knew already, should be in graveyard already. I have moved most of my blogging activity to Facebook. As I’m not a fan of diary, I didn’t think that this blog will be any of use at all. Talking alone, without the second party, is not much fun to me.

Today, I had a wonderful idea of how to use this graveyard. It can be a vehicle for me to practice my writing. Audience is not an important matter anymore. I’m only practicing anyway. It’s even better if nobody is watching when we are in a practice mode, right?

Three paragraph. Not bad as a start.


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